With no genre barriers placed upon the music he creates, NELAC's style is as unique as his name. He has been creating music since as early as 1996. The period between 1999 and 2001 is when he became serious about pursuing music full-time. 

Always looking for opportunities to showcase his talent as a producer and DJ, you may catch NELAC participating in a beat battle or spinning at an event, though his primary method of promotion has been through the material of his stage-killing alter-ego, Lyrical Preacher. His goal is to make an impact on the world and change people's lives through the power of music, all the way down to the science of it. He refuses to limit himself to one specific genre, creating everything from mainstream Rap to Hiphop and R&B, Soul and Pop. And NELAC creates these styles in a way that differentiates himself from other producers due to his passion in pushing the envelop with the use of sounds and chord modulations. You can thank his experience and receipt of a Bachelor's in Music Composition from Morehouse College in Atlanta for that passion. 

Keep an eye out for NELAC's presence and influence to be felt at a session/showcase/party/event/radio station near you soon. You never know when he may "pop up" again...